Welcome to Vuma,

the world’s smartest consensus tool for IRs and analysts

The Vuma Consensus system sets a new standard for how companies monitor market expectations of their performance.

It is a globally accessible web-based interface for your investor relations team and its sell side analyst community, that allows IRs quickly and accurately to generate, interpret and distribute your Company's profit consensus.

The intuitive, easy to use system is bespoke to your Company's needs – and you’re in control; your team defines what and when you collect from your analysts - the reporting metrics, the analyst coverage, the financial periods to gather and the frequency of update. It is a quick, simple and accurate system for you and your analysts to use – and over 20 leading global corporations are already regularly doing so.

Vuma's secure database logs all updates providing a full audit trail. The analytic tools allow you to generate, view and interpret the data, adding value and saving you and your team time. The system also maintains your analyst contact details, as well as allowing your team to record and share interactions with your analysts through our Activity Log.

Vuma is a tool that allows you to focus your time on monitoring and analysing consensus, not spending hours gathering it. Importantly, your team maintains its analyst relationships.

Vuma was launched at the end of 2010, and currently works with over 20 large cap clients with a combined market capitalisation of over £450bn. Analysts at more than 110 investment banks and brokers are also regularly inputting data to the system.

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